The 2004 International Conference-Crossing Workshop
" Autonomous Computing and Agents for Business Automation"

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áLas-Vegas (USA), Wellington (New Zealand)

an 'Agent'   of   Paris   in Las-Vegas



AUTONOMOUS COMPUTING and particularly AGENT technology can help us to process heterogeneous information, knowledge, manufacturing data, and business transactions in an automatic, flexible, intelligent, and efficient way. The goals of this International Workshop are to gather ACADEMIC and INDUSTRIAL researchers to exchange new ideas and experiences, to initialize new contacts or to strengthen existing collaborations. We hope to create a dynamic forum and effective connections among RESEARCHERS, USERS, and DEVELOPERS in this field.

Ongoing tracks :
Track-A: " Autonomous Computing and Agents for Information & Knowledge Processing"á (at IKE, IMCSCE), June 21 - 24, Las Vegas, USA.
Track-E: á" Autonomous Computing and Agents for Business and Engineering Systems"á (at KES) September 20-24, Wellington, New Zealand.
Track-O: " Business Automated Systems " BAS December 20, on-line (selected papers will be published in the ABA book, hardcopy).
Track-X: Products/Software DEMO (accompanies all other tracks)
Track-Y: PANEL Discussions (accompanies all other tracks)

We welcome papers on architectures, protocols, algorithms, design, evaluation, implementation techniques, and applications of autonomous and agent-based systems. Technical issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

Special Interests

Autonomous Computing and Agents for Business Automation in:



Autonomous Computing and Agents for:

  • Virtual Offices
  • Personal and Professional Assistants
  • Processing Text, Multimedia, and Heterogeneous Information
  • Distributed Documents
  • E-Marketing and E-Advertising
  • E-Management and E-Control
  • E-Trade and E-Marketplace
  • E-Payment and E-Banking
  • E-Government and E-Administration
  • Financial & Investment Management
  • Supply Chains & B2B systems
  • Games on the Internet
  • Wireless Systems
  • Semantic Webs
  • Large-Scale Heterogeneous and Distributed Business Systems


Agent Methodologies & Implementation Techniques

  • Agent Architectures and Multi-agent Infrastructures
  • Agent Learning
  • Agent Negotiation
  • Agent Trusts & Trust-based Actions
  • Agent Cooperation/Competition
  • Soft Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, GA ...) for Agents
  • Agent Communication
  • Agent Interaction/Coordination
  • Agent Mobility
  • Real-Time Agents
  • Agent Security and Authentication
  • Agent Reliability and Fault Tolerance
  • Agent Visualization
  • Distributed and Parallel Techniques for Agents and Autonomous Computing



You are invited to submit papers through this SUBMISSION Web Site. If the files are more than 10Mb even after zipping then please email them to: aba<at>cs<dot>newpaltz<dot>edu. Please use the IEEE-format with less than 7 pages for draft papers. After being reviewed, papers may be accepted in the following categories:

Accepted papers of all categories will be published in the conference proceedings. 


The International Workshop ABA consists of Tracks held at several International Conferences. The papers will be published in those corresponding Conference Proceedings in hard copy (ISBN).á In addition to that, we also plan to publish the revised versions of papers of ALL tracks in a book. In the past, selected papers from our previous workshops were extended and published in two journal issues: (i) "Aspects of Internet Agent-based E-Business Systems", International Journal of E-commerce Research, Volume 3:3-4, pp.199-395, July-October 2003, Kluwer Publisher; and (ii) " Software Agents for Business Automation ", International Journal of E-commerce Research and Applications, Vol.2, N.3, July-October 2003, Elsevier Publisher.


Our tracks are planned to be held in the following conferences:

  1. The 2004 International Conference on Internet Computing (among the 18 Conferences of the 2004 International MultiConference IMCSCE)
  2. The 2004 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (among the 18 Conferences of the 2004 International MultiConference IMCSCE)
  3. The 2004 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (among the 18 Conferences of the 2004 International MultiConference IMCSCE)
  4. The 2004 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (among the 18 Conferences of the 2004 International MultiConference IMCSCE)
  5. The 8th International Conference on Knowledge-Based & Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, KES, September 20-24, Wellington, New Zealand.
  6. The 2004 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man & Cybernetics, IEEE SMC-2004, October 10-13, The Hague, The Netherlands


For the authors who may not be able to present their papers at the conference site, we plan to make post-conference on-line interactive real-time e-forums & presentations (all other authors will also be invited to participate). This is for introduction, questions/answers about papers and related projects, discussions about possible cooperation ... Minutes of all discussions will be distributed to the participants. 



Acceptance Notice:

Camera Ready:

* June 15

* August 25

* November 15

*July 15

*September 25

* November 30

*August 15

*September 25

*December 15



Verner Andersen , Ris° National Laboratory, Denmark
Srinivas Bangalore, AT&T Research, USA
Michael Berger, SIEMENS
Martin Bichler, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Alex Bronstein, Hewlett-Packard Lab
Bernhard Bauer, Augsburg University
Darrel Davis , University of Hull, UK
Prithviraj Dasgupta , University of Nebraska, USA
Joerg Denzinger , University of Calgary, Canada
Bruno Dillenseger , France TÚlÚcom R&D, France
Dave Cliff, Hewlett-Packard Lab
Junlan Feng, AT&T Research, USA
Bezalel Gavish, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, USA
Robert Ghanea-Hercock , British Telecom, UK
Robert Guttman, IBM Watson Research Center
Peter Haddawy , University of Wisconsin & AIT
Yuh-Jong Hu, NCCU, Taiwan
Lakhmi Jain , University of South Australia, Australia
Juhnyoung Lee , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Jae Kyu Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea
Benoit Leloup, Ecole Nationale SupÚrieure des TÚlÚcommunications, France
Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab
Jiming Liu , Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Alexander Nareyek, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Wee-Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Chihiro Ono , KDDI R&D Lab, Japan
Frank Oles , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Marcin Paprzycki , Oklahoma State University, USA
Hanh Pham , State University of New York, USA
Enrico Pontelli, New Mexico State University, USA
Ravi Putchala, Oracle
Eugene Santos Jr. , University of Connecticut, USA
Hajime Sawamura , Niigata University, Japan
Sandip Sen, University of Tulsa, USA
Nahid Shahmehri, Linkoping University, Sweden
Michael Stroebel , BMW, Germany
Bruce Spencer , National Research Council & University of New Brunswick, Canada
Gheorghe Tecuci , George Mason University, USA
Son Tran , New Mexico State University, USA
Do Van Thanh , University of Oslo, Telenor R&D, Norway
Amund Tveit, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Thomas Wagner , Honeywell Labs, Honeywell International


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