The International Journal
"Electronic Commerce Research and Applications"

Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 95-198 (Summer 2003)
"Software Agents for Business Automation"

Guest Editor: Hanh Pham


TÆMS Agents: Enabling Dynamic Distributed Supply Chain Management

Tom Wagner*, Valerie Guralnik and John Phelps

Honeywell Laboratories, 3660 Technology Drive, MN65-2600, Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA

Received 30 October 2002; revised 20 February 2003; accepted 28 February 2003. ; Available online 22 May 2003.


Some dynamic supply chain problems are instances of a class of distributed optimization problems that TÆMS and other intelligent agents were made to address. In this paper we define a discrete distributed dynamic supply chain management problem and specify how TÆMS agents, equipped with new coordination mechanisms, automate and manage the supply chain. The agents increase the level of flexibility in the chain and enable members of the supply chain to be more responsive through producer/consumer negotiation and reasoning about manufacturing availability, raw material requirements, and shipping time requirements. Planning/scheduling and coordination research enables the agents to perform this level of automation on-line, responding to change as it happens in the environment, rather than relying on precomputed solutions or reasoning via abstract flow characterizations.


Author Keywords: Agent-mediated electronic commerce; Dynamic supply chain management; Coordination; TÆMS agents

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